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Feeling a bit low on the vaycay

on June 5, 2014

Hubby and I took little man with us on vaycay, and it just seems like nothing is as good as it has been. It isnt little man, but it just feels like i keep getting the shaft, and like things are my fault. yesterday was especially trying, with my brother inlaw saying hurtful things about me and little man in front of me, hubby, and their dad. I called him out on it, and asked him if he wanted to take it outside, but apparently, i am not allowed to stand up for me and my son. joking or otherwise, those words should not have been said. But our trip was already stinking before yesterday.

Thursday I spent the day trying to corral things together, doing laundry, setting up the bags, after trying to sleep with little man, and every time i was asleep, hubby would call me for things that just were not important. i told him me and little man were sleeping, but he did it twice, calling me about some 20s mob car, and how he thought something like that would be nice as a second car. i flat out said i wasnt interested, and i dont want an older car, i want one with airbags and air conditioning, and safety features to keep little man and us safe. I also had to get the pets ready to stay with my parents, so there was cleaning their stuff, packing it all up nice and neat, and putting it by the door so they would be ready to go. hubby came home as i was feeding little man and snapped at me, telling me to work on the school stuff admissions, but i cant be on the phone with little man nursing, he starts fussing, kicking, and swinging his arms around. so he took little man out of my arms, and got spit up all over him from little man. he deserved it.

Apparently, I overpacked some things, but i forgot others, mainly the fact that little man has now outgrown his 0-3 months and 3 months clothes, and those were what I brought. I didnt check the 3 month clothes on him, I had assumed they would fit. I also didnt pack any 3-6 months, an oversight I am now kicking myself for. Hubby also said I overpacked his bag, as well as mine and little man’s, but that wasnt even the worst of it. he started going through the bags right as my mom came in, and i was feeding little man and trying to organize things, and uncovered my massager…  lovely. he also was dragging butt when my mom and i were hungry and wanting to eat dinner. typical. we managed to get most everything packed and ready to go, and by the door so we could leave when we woke up.

the trip started out ok, we woke up at 7:30, with little man hungry, so once i got him fed, we packed up the car somehow, and were on our way. little man didnt want his bottles, so i had to try and nurse him at a rest stop, and hubby got frustrated at me and little man because we were taking up too much time. so, we are on the interstate, and the highway is in deplorable condition, and we hit several potholes, and the low tire pressure light comes on, we pass by a rest stop, and then the back passenger tire is flat, and we have to pull over on the interstate. i open the back door, since i was sitting in the back with little man, and its smoking, but looks ok, so hubby tries to inflate it. its 95 degrees outside. ugh. little man is starting to cry as we unload the trunk on the side of the road, since the air compressor isnt inflating the tire, so we have to jack the car up and get a donut on. when we pulled the tire off, it had 4 holes on the inside by the rim. there was also a lot of uneven wear, and there was no way to plug them, they were as big as apples.

so we break out the donut, trying to console little man as we pile stuff in the car, trying to get the car back on the road long enough to get into a town to get a new tire. we ended up having to stay overnight, since the places didnt not have our tire in stock, but one place could get us tires in the morning. we finally calmed down, got situated, and got a hotel room, and had dinner, and then the whole town blacked out. we ended up walking to the walmart to get air conditioning, as it was still in the 90s, and by 7, the power was back on in the hotel room.

saturday morning hubby left to go get the new tire put on, and we ended up needing two, but luckily, the place ordered two, just to be sure. thankfully, they were done quickly, and we soon had the car packed and ready to go. i spent some time squeezing loose items into the suitcases and duffel bags, and it made packing the car a little easier. we were back on our way, and were making better time, and in a much better mood, even though little man was a little fussy here and there, we managed to pump him bottles and get him fed on the road, so we only had to stop to change him and use the bathroom, eat, and stretch. we stopped to see a friend right off the one of the highways we were on, and had dinner and a stretch, and then continued into the late evening to my brother in law’s house. we made it safely, and little man was irate the last leg of the trip, and so i ended up nursing and calming him down as hubby unpacked the car. we stayed up a little late, but we got to sleep, happily.

sunday was ok, we got out and about, and everyone was being pretty civil. hubby seems to feel the need to go outside every time his brother and dad go out to smoke, leaving me inside with little man for company, and feeling isolated for it. ive told him i feel isolated, but apparently, my feelings are less meaningful than that of his brother and father, whom he talks to on the phone every day, almost every minute, leaving me on the wayside. it also appears that i wont get to see much at all of my family, instead im doomed to be stuck in the boondocks where there is no cell phone reception, and nothing close by to do. you have to drive at least ten miles to even get to walmart, and right now little man hates his car seat because of the trip, yet the guys insist on trying to talk on the phone or walkie talkies even as he screams, and its driving me crazy.

yesterday has been the worst day of my marriage, and i am now ready to leave this awful place and my inlaws behind. we didnt get anything for me to eat for breakfast, and the fact that i am breastfeeding my little man and need to eat more than once a day seems to be too much of a hassle, and telling hubby he needs to speak up just seems to be too much for him. we went almost 20 hours without food, and when we did finally eat, my brother inlaw had the balls to say what kind of life my hubby could be living if me and little man werent in the picture. i told him if he had anything else to say about me and little man, that we could take it outside, but my father inlaw told me to chill out when i stood up when my brother in law kept going, not heeding that it was not funny. i had actually stood up to him, and my father in law told me I needed to chill out. Charming family values there.

After the lunch of depression, we went to an air museum, and I told hubby to go walk around with his family (after chewing him out for not standing up for me or his son), while I fed little man. They looked at the planes outside, and when little man was done eating hubby carried little man for me inside, so I could use the bathroom and change him. We took a few pictures, and we found a blue angel stuffed jet, as well as some more space figures to put in little man’s room.

The rest of the week went a bit better, we ended up having to buy little man clothes, since he outgrew his 0-3 month and 3 month clothes, and I hadn’t packed any. I did manage to do some school admissions things that I needed to, including pass the two entrance exams, one of them 480/500, which was well over the required marks. And that was with little man fussing, and no one giving me the quiet I needed. We went out to eat at a buffet after that, and hubby and I took turns holding little man and eating, hubby loading up a plate while I held little man, then him eating what he could as he held little man, while I grabbed all the food I wanted, which included a whole plate of veggies. Little man was looking at the food and making hungry faces as we ate, but he was content to wait to eat until hubby and I were done, mostly with me eating some cake, pie, rice crispies, and ice cream. The ice cream was the only thing I really got to finish.

Friday afternoon we packed up to head to my sister’s house, and once my brother in law got home, we all headed out for hubby’s graduation. We made good time, though little man was upset to be in his seat, and cried through most of it. He has also started coughing a lot more, and sneezing, but we made it to the hotel hubby found near his graduation building.


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