one interesting life and adventure with my hubby


on June 5, 2014

So we were tossing ideas around for decorating the house, in between taking car of little man on the drive back home, and one of the things we agreed on was doing the living room in a nautical theme. This means wrapping rope around the area where the projector displays, as a border, making monkey knot curtain ties, and using boat cleats to hold the curtain ties and as a coat rack. We also discussed getting a sound rock and solar rocks for the back yard, and how we could improve the house for the owner.

We went to our local habitat for humanities, looking for lamps, or shelves, but I ended up finding several picture frames so that we could fill the house up some more. We paid 2.50 for maybe 10 or more frames. Can’t beat that.

We also purchased the ropes and electrical stuff, and looked at the rocks, but they looked too corny. Walmart had better solar light rocks, as well as lamps. Best but will likely have better sound rocks.

We also looked at tile for the house, since the carpet is old, and solid floors would likely go better for selling the house, and can take more wear and tear than wood or laminate floors. Hubby isn’t big on the tiles that look like wood, and price is also a factor.

We managed to get all the laundry from our trip done today, hubby shaved off his two weeks of facial hair, and I buzzed his head before our shower, so he is fresh for work. I also worked on my school stuff, hopefully I meet the deadlines, if not, I may have to wait until the august/September class start. It seems like I have about 27 credits done already, and I may get a pell grant for several thousand dollars. I’m going to try and get as much grants and scholarships as I can, if nothing else, to help pay down some bills or pay for school later down the line.

Tomorrow I am taking little man to the doctor for his coughing, sneezing, spitting up, and his torticollis stuff. Turns out the paperwork for his referral was left in his folder last visit. No wonder I never heard from them. I am hoping to get the quilt edges finished, and work on some other projects also. I am excited to get the house decorated finally.


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