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Sewing the Swimsuit Cover Up: A Twist

on May 27, 2014

I wanted to make a swimsuit cover, to cover my mushy mommy belly and thighs, and I found a few how tos on Pinterest, so I set about to make myself a cover (or two). I found a slinky swimsuit-like material with some stretch at Joanns, and I purchased that the same time we looked at fabric for Ro’s quilt. It is also blue. I love the color blue.

I set out to make the cover, and it just seems like I sometimes set myself up to fail. I had guessed two yards would be long enough to cover me, I didn’t bother to measure. Well, I saw a tutorial where they cut some of the fabric from the side, and braided it to make straps. I SAID SURE, WHY NOT? Oh, silly me. I had cut the fabric in half width-wise, then cut the arm spots on one piece, made the straps, measured the straps to fit my arms, cut the fabric along a tank top like one blog suggested, and it pulled too high when I tried it on. I was very upset, and I get frustrated quite a bit when I sew, so I put the darn thing down, and called it a day.

A few days later, I tried to make it work again, but it still pulled wrong across the chest. So I bought 3 yards the next time I went to Joanns, and set it aside. I ended up taking the straps back off with the stitch ripper, though with little man, it took longer than I would have liked. Soon, the straps were liberated from the body. It really does$’nt help that the fabric is so slinky, it sags under its own weight.

I attempted the cover with the other piece a few days later, having watched a simple Youtube video this time, and the results came out better when I used one of my china pieces to cut the arm holes. I also braided down the whole length of the straps, not cutting them in half like I had done with the first one. The video also showed where the corner of the body was tucked into the braid, and then sewn in, doing the same for both sides. ok..

Well, I did that for the top of the cover up, and then used safety pins to figure where to attach the straps to the back. I sat on it a few days, still not satisfied, until tonight. I had an idea.

Tonight I secured the straps where they had been pinned in the back, but instead of cutting them at that point, I took the excess, and hand stitched it to the arm holes, creating a band, so it pulled less across the bust like it had been. And, after some time, trials, and tribulations, it worked. Perfectly. It pulls a lot less, and it looks amazing. The sewing machine wouldnt not have been able to hide the stitching the braid to the arm like I had, but I used it to secure the end points, and to secure the three pieces together neatly, before cutting the knot off from each end. I finished the second cover up first, and then I fixed and finished the first cover up.


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