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Busy Few Days and Feeling Productive

on May 19, 2014

This past few days has been rather fun, between finding out how much little man has grown, to caring for him as he still hurts from his shots, to working on various projects around the house.
Monday was the run around and buy stuff day, since I needed more fat quarters for the pink and purple quilt, and I had received some money for Mother’s Day, and decided to work on a quilt for little man, so I bought some fat quarters to make a quilt for him. I also had to get him size 2 diapers now, it is amazing how fast he grows. I have been buying the big box of pampers at Target that comes with wipes also, and a box of size ones lasted us through that size, since I was also trying to cloth diaper him. Now we have enough diapers and wipes for our upcoming trip at the end of the month. After Target, we went to the sewing class, but it seems nearly everyone got sick.
Tuesday my sister came to visit, and we had a grande time for her birthday. She got to meet her nephew, and so did my brother in laws. Hubby and the brothers went out shooting, while my sister and I went out to lunch, and then down to see our parents. Little man was quite the show off for her, leaning back, and she almost dropped him. She almost cried, and he cried, but no one got hurt. He got to meet her hubby’s side of the family, and my mom cuddled him and held him for me so I could eat and relax, since hubby was covered in gun powder.
Today has been a productive day, even though little man and I had a rather rough start. We dropped off hubby at work, and little man nursed himself to sleep after only a few minutes on one side, so I pumped, and he woke up, but would not take the bottle. He also had his first vomit, because he choked on his medicine, and it ran all down his front. He also was having trouble falling asleep by that point, and we both eventually fell asleep with him on my chest.
After that, we nursed some more, wore some cloth again, and I set about cleaning up the house while he did some tummy time on his mat. I managed to clean the kitchen up, and by the time I had finished, and nursed little man to sleep again, hubby needed a ride home. After we got home, I nursed little man some more, since he woke up for the car ride, and hubby took care of him while I cooked some dinner for us, which was cheesy spaghetti. I nursed little man into a deeper state of sleepiness, and he fell asleep in his swing, and i set about sewing, which I just made some posts about.
Initially, I set out to finish the swimsuit covers, and that took me two hours, because I made a few mistakes, but I could not be more happy about the result. I also did it without getting too mad or loud and angry, which was nice.
Then I cut the fat quarters for the pink and purple quilt down, minus ironing, because it was all but useless with our iron. I managed to even take pictures for the blog, which made me proud. I had not done that with the swimsuit cover up, but I will do a detail shot.
Little man awoke a bit as I finished the last fat quarter of the eight, and he fell asleep on hubby, but he needed a change, which woke him up enough to nurse before hubby and I showered.
I am hoping to get the pink and purple quilt worked on tomorrow before we head back down to see my sister before she heads home, and hopefully also work on some nursing pads for B, since I have the stuff just sitting around, waiting to be made now. I also need to make the ring sling and crib toy bag, so we will see how it all goes this week and weekend. I want to get the quilt for Ro finished before hubby and I leave for his graduation, so we have about a week and a half. It shouldn’t take too long hopefully.


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