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Sew Much Accomplished- The Quilt For Ro

on May 15, 2014

T and I have been busy working on planning a baby shower for B, and we decided to sink our teeth into our first quilt, by making one for B’s daughter, We reviewed ideas on Pinterest, trying to find a simple idea, something less intense than a tossed nine or rag rose like we saw in demo at the sewing class. We got a general idea, and spent a few hours in Joann’s, and found 8 fat quarters, four in shades and patterns of pinks, and then purples. Then we picked up some warm and natural for the batting, ant tried to figure backing. We ended up getting a white floral quilt backer, but I learned later, we could have just spliced any other fabric to make the back, or use a flat sheet. You live and you learn. Hubby helped where he could with colors and watching little man, but we were all exhausted after that.

A few days later, T and I set out to start the ironing cutting of the fat quarters down into 5″ squares, where I measured and chalked them out, while she cut them with the rotary. Then we tried to work out a pattern, again tired, since we worked on this in the evenings, and called it quits one night, but found success and started stitching them together the next night, though hubby had tried to help us with the fabric totals, we came up short, and we reached a standstill when we thought we had enough squares, but we didn’t.

We laid out what we had, and we had started sewing the squares we cut together in width wise rows. We managed to sew them all together, with a few hiccups, and I wanted to share the progress with you.


the colors of fat quarters used, but this is the second set, so there was two fat quarters of each color used so far.


the stuff used, sorry its a bit blurry.


the pattern for the quilt, though a correction needs to be made, the ones that look grey in the bottom left should not be touching.

The fat quarters shown above were cut down, and I got 12 5″ squares from the 18″x21″ quarter. Sadly, they were not cut straight 90 degree angles, so that was fun.


This where I am leaving off tonight, since little man awoke right as I cut down the last fat quarter. Maybe in the morning, I can fix the already stitched together rows, and then finish up the rows with the second set of quarters.


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