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Sew my baby is 2 months old now

on May 13, 2014

Greetings from the couch. it has been a rather productive weekend, and I had a wonderful first mothers day and weekend. friday, our plans to have T over to sew fell through, so i went and mowed the back yard down, as it was getting pretty bad. It was also a fire hazard if we have a fire anytime soon. I probably should have mowed the front yard, but little man needed me, and hubby needed a break from little man.we had stayed home and relaxed, and it was good to do so. it wasnt a perfect evening, but hubby and i are working things through. he helped me with dinner, since we had a lasagna cooking in the oven as i mowed, and he took care of the simple tasks of removing the foil top, and taking the lasagna out while i showered and tended little man after mowing.

saturday was when we celebrated mothers day, and my mom came up to initially watch little man, but he had some problems with his bottle feeding, so she ended up just tending to him, and coming with us. we had a lovely lunch at longhorn, where the resturaunt was dead quiet, and then we went to the sewing shop, and we relaxed and watched the sword and the stone in the house, where my mom fell asleep in the rocker. she was enjoying herself, taking care of her grandson, and not being at her home. we also watched two episodes of game of thrones season 3, before she left to go home. all in all, it was a great day.

sunday, hubby and i were relaxing, as he did his schoolwork, but little man was not feeling well, and during one of his gas relieving stretches, he blew out his diaper on the bed, getting the sheet and mattress cover. luckily, the cover is water proof, so we only had to strip the bed and wash the sheets. i had been up and down and trying to comfort little man, and by that point, i had given up on sleep. hubby also needed a break from his schoolwork, so we decided to go out for a bit. we grabbed some lunch from burger king, counting our blessings that i didnt make him take me out sunday, when everyone else was out. every resturaunt was packed, even at 1 pm. hubby did buy me a cinnabon as a treat, and we walked around lowes a bit, before little man fell asleep and we went home. i had pumped a bottle for him, as he was having trouble getting comfortable to nurse, and it made him feel a little better. he gave his first little pouty face, and it was the cutest face i had seen. i love his smile, but watching him change his emotions visibly was so sweet.

hubby finished his schoolwork by 6:30, and we watched game of thrones until it was bed time, hubby and i taking turns with little man, as a thunderstorm rolled in and by. we all got some decent sleep, little man sleeping on me as we watched the show, though he denied me a nap in the afternoon.

Today i had to take little man to get his 2 month check up, since he turned 2 months saturday, and boy was it a day today. Hubby needed a ride into work, and luckily little man awoke before the alarms went off, with enough time for him to nurse one side before we dropped off hubby. we came home, and i had a proper breakfast, since one of my poptarts ran away as we were heading out the door to the wall of mosquitoes to the car when we dropped of hubby.

little man and I cuddled and he nursed and slept, until we got up at noon, and got ready for his appointment at 3:30. we got gas, headed down, looked in vain for a parking lot near the hospital entrance, and ended up walking quite a bit from a side lot, but we still arrived early. I had even pumped enough for a small bottle, and gave little man some milk waiting, waiting, waiting. they didnt take us back until almost 4, and we didnt leave until well after 5. we got all of our questions answered, and little man is growing like a weed. he was 13 pounds and a half ounce, and 23 inches long. he is thriving.

he ended up getting two shots, and boy was he miserable. the nurse pretty much stabbed him with the needles, and he was understandably miserable. a delicate touch may have saved him some pain, because several hours have passed, and he is very swollen in his poor thighs. she also managed to put the shots on the tops of his thighs, where the car seat straps rub, and where his weight falls when he nurses. my poor little guy.

after we nursed him calm and sleepy, we headed to joanns to get more fat quarters, and i sorely wish i had bought all the fabric i wanted and needed when they had the squares on sale half off. you live and you learn, i suppose. we bought some more fbaric for the quilt T and i are making, and I also started selecting fabric for a quilt for little man, which has lots of blues, some greys, and blacks so far. I need solid white and black, but i was pressed for time, and i didnt have all my coupons if i did. it was almost six when we left joanns.

then we raced next door to target, where i quickly got a starbucks frap, and some diapers for little man, before we raced to our sewing demo. little man was tired, very sore, and having finished his bottle, hungry, so when we got there, we set up to nurse. sadly, it seems everyone came down with something, so it was me, K, and S, and we just sat and chatted.

Afterwards, we came home, and little man was in some serious discomfort, and hubby was too, having jogged home from work, in an attempt to get in better shape. I was famished, so hubby brought me some leftover lasagna as i attempted to nurse little man, but the pain was too much on his legs. hubby ended up bouncing him to sleep and we attempted to watch the little mermaid, before hubby went to bed early, tired from his run.

little man is sitting here on me, and he screams when he is put down. Earlier, he had his grips on my hand, and sucked on my finger as he slept. I was stuck for a good half hour, and endured screams when I tried to lay him down, awaking poor hubby. He has nursed a bit, but i had pumped during the first few minutes of the movie, to relieve some pressure. i will have to stow his bottle before we go to bed here in a few.

i have been on my birth control now, and i am on the placebo pills, but my cycle has not yet kicked in.we have been using back up, so i know i am probably not pregnant, but i wish it would hurry up. i have another test just in case, but i am hoping i am not pregnant again, as i want to spend some time with little man as an only. it is what it is though.

my sister is coming to visit and meet her nephew for the first time in the morning, as it is also her birthday, and i hope he feels well enough to be sweet for her. i miss her a lot, and the last time i saw her, i was in my very early and unknown weeks of pregnancy.

i am hoping to also start mapping out little man’s quilt and get that started as i wait to finish the other quilt with T, and the other projects we are going to work on for the baby shower. after little man’s quilt, I will make one for hubby, once i know what he would like. I know i will likely use one of the big microplush blankets as a backing for his, as he loves them. it would also be cheaper, since we already have one, unless he wants one that is darker blue.

i have also been plotting the father’s day celebration for hubby, and i believe i have the perfect idea, involving lots of time outside and being busy. my mom has already told us she would watch little man, and the place i want to take him is near their house, so hopefully, he is up for the surprise. it wont likely be on father’s day itself, but he doesnt seem to mind.


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