one interesting life and adventure with my hubby

Made some progress today

on May 7, 2014

After a weekend of mixed emotions, and another day of feeling worthless, I kicked today’s ass. Little man did his best to help me, being good when he could, which was nice, and hubby watching him for me when he got home, so I could continue to clean the house.

Saturday was game day, and we had a bit of a rough start, as hubby seems to think I operate on no sleep, and I should get up on the weekend sleep deprived, just to play games. Thank you, no, I need some sleep after being up late or all night caring for a colicky little man. Little man, who seems to be waking up again. Sigh. We showed up late, and I make no apologies.

Sunday, we went down to see mom for her birthday, and we went to the tiger direct store, as well as the joanns with sewing machines, and we walked away some time later with an embroidery machine. hubby had thankfully brought his laptop to work on his schoolwork, but we lost all good time heading home because they shut the interstate down to one lane for ten miles, for two miles of work.. He barely finished his work by the deadline, but he is always last minute.

Yesterday I made a slow cooker meal, but little man has been clingy, and I could not do much, and showed up to my sewing class late. It seems another deadbeat mom showed up, and her child had his hands all over little man before I could even blink. Of course, the whole class, she was in another room, not even paying attention. My feathers were ruffled. I did offer the shop owner to have hubby help drop some outlets in the walls so she had more, and I am looking forward to helping with that, since she moved shop.

Today, I decided to seize the day, and I got little man in his crib, playing on his tummy mat for a while, and I put the house back together again. Sort of. It is such an uphill battle.. I vacuumed, got the hoses fixed on the washer (when the plumbing was repaired, they switched the hoses, thinking they were wrong initially, but my cold cycles had been fogging up the door since), organized and swept the garage, picked up the trash in the back yard, and got the kitchen cleaned up again. Hubby was a doll and after some hesitation, took care of little man so I could continue my vigil. Little man has had some gas pains from hell, and didnt want to nurse, but just scream, so I had pumped a bottle and hubby took care of him.

I had hoped to start the quilt today, or mow the lawn, but it will have to wait til tomorrow. T was out of town all day, and the quilt is a team project. I may whip up a few things while I wait tomorrow, just to get sewing again. I need to make the time now, so little man understands it. I also need to fit in exercise, but that is a whole nother animal.



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