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Pumping through week 7

on May 3, 2014

Its hard to believe little man is already 7 weeks old, and is growing so fast. It just never ceases to amaze me. He is already outgrowing some of his clothes again, and I will have to wash and prep all the stuff in the next size. Purely amazing.

It is wonderful to have him nursing again, and now I am pumping just to relieve the pressure, and to have a rainy day stash. I need to get a place to store all the milk I am pumping, as the freezer is filling quickly, even if I only pump twice a day. The sad part is little man has been having some wicked gas pains, and while he does pass them, he is crying out in his sleep, meaning I get very little.

We are starting cloth diapering, and I think this time the fit for the Alva diapers is spot on. I will try the Gdiapers again also, but I will likely sell them. They just don’t seem to fit like I had hoped. I need to have hubby help me set up the diaper sprayer in the bathroom, or get one set up, so we can transition. I know he has been hoping I would get little man in the cloth, disposables aren’t cheap, and I made inserts we can still use. I am trying to figure how many cloth diapers we need in the Alva AIO style, so we can start getting those in the mail and on his bum. Don’t look at me like that, we are on a budget, and I like the prints. And Ebay. I just don’t know how to sell on eBay, so I will likely sell the G’s on a resale site. While I could make some diapers, I don’t care much for the prints available for making them. I am more of a solid colors or stars kind of girl, not cutesy stuff that the fabric stores have currently. Also, pink on a boy? Thank you, no. I like blues and the stars and all for gender neutrals anyway.

So we ordered our cloth diapers, and I went and ordered some stuff for me, like an ac adapter for my pump, and flanges that fit my girls, as well as extra tubing and such. I also ordered dog tags, for both the pups, and one for little man, to put on his car seat. I put his name, d.o.b., blood type, my name and number, hubby’s stuff, and on the back, the pediatrician’s number and location, as well as emergency contact info. I found them all cheap on eBay, and the pup’s tags were long out of date with numbers and all.

Hubby and I keep having minor tiffs over the house work, and I would love to jump back into my sewing projects, I’m stuck cleaning and all while awake. While I may have set myself up for more work with cloth diapers, the things like trash taken out, new liner put in the cans, and then put back in where they belong stops at just taking out the trash, and leaving the can in the middle of the floor, to bee tripped on. Lovely. We did finally do some grocery shopping, and got some meats finally. I spent the time I was not cooking actively at the stove to put the groceries away and portioning out the meats before freezing them. I have had to fight almost tooth and nail to get him to go grocery shopping, we didn’t have enough meats to cook anything for meals, and we were constantly eating out.

I had to babysit for a few hours today, and after a late night with little man not wanting to sleep, I went to bed at 4 am, only for him to wake up at 5:30, and wouldn’t sleep unless on top of me. Too tired to fight, that’s where he slept, and with a few breaks, I finally got some sleep. He kept headbutting my poor girls, and I ended up pumping in the afternoon, with him screaming in the background. He wanted to be held the whole time, but there were still chores to be done, and so he had some time to fuss, as I took out the rest of the trash and put things back in their places.

After babysitting, I managed to get the laundry going, wash the diapers again, and get the kitchen tidied up, stopping here and there to feed little man, or show hubby how to cloth diaper little man. Hubby had not listened when I said he needed to give little man a fresh diaper, and so he got leaked on. Little man sure does know how to soak his diapers. I need to get the inserts and fits just so, but it may be that we just need to change him every hour or two, but sometimes, its just easier to let him sleep. For now, we will use the disposables at night until I figure it out.


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