one interesting life and adventure with my hubby

Hooray for Daddy!

on April 9, 2014

Today has been a fun day. Little man was a little fussy, and I stayed up later than I should have the night before, but I decided to email my mom and my sister, as well as work on a different post, and I think I may have paid the price a bit earlier today. Oh well. I got a lot done, and I am hoping to have a few pool parties for my friends and get little man used to swimming over the summer. My hamster was really spinning on its wheel last night.

I got up around noon, and before one I had the crock pot simmering for dinner, and little man and I had nursing time before I dragged him and his rocker into the living room, where I set about doing chores while trying to keep him entertained. One of the dogs keeps getting pollen fronds stuck in his hair, and then the fronds and tufts of hair end up all over the carpet and rest of the house. So I washed the dog beds, vacuumed the whole house again, and cleared the dining room of all my crafting stuff, so now the birds are back in their sunny window corner, and the table is still oriented the way hubby had it, but there seems to be a little bit more room to get around, especially since I moved my glider to an angle the other day.

I was doing all these chores, while clicking on my RPG to do chores for that, but I got it all done. Little man was a little fussy through it all, but as soon as hubby got home, he was wailing. The gas pains had struck again. I have been giving him little remedies gas relief drops after every feed, but it just wasn’t enough, even with burping. We were bouncing him, had him in the swing going back and forth, doing the bicycle, patting his back, and nothing was helping.

Little man has had some hard times with the gas today, especially when daddy came home. As soon as daddy walked in the door, he heard the fussing, and poor hubby was on the phone with his dad, as he always calls family on his ride home from work, since we have Bluetooth in the car so he can talk hands free. He had to hop off the phone to soothe little man after getting out of his work clothes and other trappings. I was just letting little man fuss it out, as he was also wanting to be held, and I am trying to wean him off constant holding, but he needed his daddy also. There are times when I am only good for my milk supply, but I am glad hubby has something to offer little man that I can’t, because it makes hubby feel amazing since he can’t take over feeding little man. It is amusing seeing little man try to latch on hubby’s arms or on his chest, the poor pecks just aren’t carrying what little man needs.

One of my friends came over to do his newborn pictures, and she managed to settle him down and get him dozy for some pictures, and then we got him milk drunk as he started waking up. We got several good photos done before he woke up, and she had to leave. She also loves little man, and was having a great time taking his pictures, posing him, and putting him in baskets, under blankets, holding things.. It was wonderful what she was doing. I had some games for her daughter to play while we did the photos, and when our other friend came over, she, the daughter, and hubby played trivial pursuit while my friend and I did the photos. Some of them came out super amazing, and I am hoping we can redo a few more, and finish them up tomorrow.

Someone came over to get their hard drive reset, since hubby is a tech guy (<3), and as that was going, we played sequence and then munchkin til ten. Little man was fussy again, hungry and gassy, and it was a fun time trying to soothe him, but we had a good time. Hubby is doing a job that usually costs several thousand dollars for a lot less (they worked together), and we have had a good time, talking, playing games. The guy brought us pizza the first day, and today he brought little man a onesie from Disney land, since he went there last weekend.

Little man is still having some bad gas, but he is feeling better with the rocking and the drops. He is also doing better with his blocked tear duct he developed Saturday night, since I too a drip of my milk and ran it across both eyes. It is a lot less gooky since then. I may do it one more time later today. He is dozing on my belly as I type this out, the poor guy hasn’t been sleeping like he likes to, but he is definitely more awake than he used to be. He is growing up so fast.


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