one interesting life and adventure with my hubby

Week 3: Fussy baby

on April 7, 2014

This week has been fun, little man is three weeks old now, and it seems the newborn clothes are getting a little snug, his feet are close to getting too big for his footed sleepers. He has also been a bit fussy, he keeps getting gas bubbles, and while he usually passes gas while boobing (eating), it hasn’t been enough it seems. He isn’t inconsolable, but he has been a bit miserable. I have some baby gas drops I had bought before he got here, thankfully, and they seem to help a bit, but I also had to examine what I have been taking to see what may be causing his pain.

A search found that the Metamucil and colace my OB prescribed could be adding to his misery, so I stopped taking those last night, and I have been having some small gas pains also, but not as uncomfortable as my poor baby. I have been soothing him to sleep as best I can, but the nights have been pretty hard for him. Poor hubby actually slept in a different room last night because of the poor baby fussing, and he had to be in to work early. I have had little sleep because of his fussing, he just couldn’t get comfortable to sleep, no matter what we did to help with the gas. I hope my dropping soda and the supplements will help him. I haven’t given up milk or chocolate yet, but we will see if the first three things help. I can function without soda, but I like my bowl of cereal and chocolate, and want to see if he gets better before I drop them. He also has a red bum, so that cant be helping, but we have been putting desitin on it with every change.

As he sleeps, I have been able to do some chores around the house, as hubby is so worn out when he gets home from work. I have the luxury of sleeping during the day, but he does not. Here and there, I am able to do things like load the dishwasher, or toss a load into the laundry. I only have four nursing tanks, and we just got me two nursing bras for bed, and I am doing little man and I’s laundry just about every day. Its also good practice for when I get him transitioned into cloth diapers, hopefully soon. Last week I tried him with the Gdiapers, both newborn and size small, and he leaked through each one and soaked himself and his clothes. I tried a AIO diaper on him over the weekend, and it seemed to work, but I only have three of those, and if they end up working better, I will sell the G’s and just get more of the AIOs.

Yesterday, I was also on the hunt for hubby’s keys, he seems to have set them down Saturday, and we have thus far not located them. He is awesome about things like that. I have checked everywhere I could think of and the usual places, but they haven’t turned up. I have also checked laundry, and they werent there either. I cant get down on the floor and get back up easily yet, so if they are under the couch, I wont be able to reach them. I just finished pulling the tape off my incision, and boy was that no fun.

I have been leaking through my nursing pads my friend made me recently also. It has gotten pretty amusing, stepping out of the shower, getting changed, anytime there isnt pressure, they drip pretty hard, and they soak my tanks or nursing bras, hence all the laundry.

I had to go to my ob for more pain medicine, and to make sure everything was healing properly, since the pain was incredible, every little movement brought tears to my eyes, but everything was looking fine, not infected, and was healing normally. Some more pain medicine was given, and I am taking the bare minimum to take the edge off, but I started taking the meds after little man and I attended a passion party, where he was loved by his aunty, as well as fussed over by a few other ladies. I had double checked to be sure he was welcome, or else I would not have been able to go, as he was fed several times during the party. He slept through most of it, having screamed from the pharmacy to the house where the party was at. I had an awful headache by that point, but we made it home, and we passed out not long after.

He was awesome over the weekend, other than not feeling good, but all in all, it has been a good week. Hubby was able to sleep as late as he wanted, and when little man decided he was awake, hubby watched him while I slept a little bit more.


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