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I Am A Mommy Now, Part 3: Week 2: Adjusting

on April 1, 2014

So Monday little man was officially a week old, and we went to the OB to get my surgical dressing removed, and then get it taped. Since we had little man with us, we asked that they take a look at his little peen, since we had some concerns, and they had done the snip for him. Well, the nurses didn’t tell us how to care for it completely at the hospital, and they ended up having to pull skin apart so it healed correctly. Poor baby was not a happy camper. I was also experiencing chills, and they double checked to make sure I didn’t have a temperature or have mastitis, since I was breastfeeding. I was good to go, and they said as soon as I was off the Oxycodone, I could drive again. I had a few days on the meds still, so at least hubby had that answer, and we took poor little man back home.

Little man was pretty miserable the next few days as his stuff started to heal again, but he was excelling at pushing himself up on our chest when he was laying on us. He was also getting used to playing on his mat, and getting used to us. He was a little jaundiced still, but otherwise doing well. He had a pediatrician appointment Wednesday, since they had been concerned about his weight on Saturday, since he was 7 pounds, and he was born 8 pounds. Luckily, he gained the weight the pediatrician wanted to see gained, and his peen looked good to the nurse.

Thursday, hubby went back to work, and I ran out of my Oxy, and needless to say, I guess I had gotten addicted to them, as I was a mess, and called him in the early afternoon, crying, and they sent him home early, to take care of me. The guys were worried I was getting postpartum depression, so they sent him running. After some reassurance and cuddling, I was feeling a little less blue, as the withdrawals were coming off. Hubby took us to the store for some shopping, and we had a good night.

Little man has gotten used to falling asleep on my chest at night, and I was trying to transition him off my chest so I could sleep deeper, and not worry that he would roll off to the floor or get otherwise hurt. I had tucked the blanket I slept with under his arms so he wouldn’t smother. Indeed he slept happier on my chest, but I had started transitioning sleeping baby into the rocking bassinet, or into a co-sleeper we bought, but sometimes he would wake, and I would have to try it all over again, because he would awaken scared and screaming hysterically.

Friday we went back to my OB, they wanted to double check his peen to be sure it was healing properly. I love my OB, he went above and beyond to and took care of the three of us so well. His compassion made my pregnancy and delivery that much easier, answering all the questions I had, being honest, and not getting my hopes up unnecessarily. He also had a rotation of interns, so he was teaching most every time I had an appointment, and I liked that he was training the next generation. I wish more doctors were like him.

The weekend passed nicely, hubby covered some of the midnight changes for me, since boobie baby got fed by me every time, and I covered all the week day and night changes so he could sleep or focus on schoolwork. School has been easy enough for him to achieve, since I try to get out walking every day, and take little man with me, so we get the fresh air.

Sunday my parents came up, bringing our pooches back home, since they stayed with them for two weeks while we adjusted to the new person. My dad was all misty eyed over his grandson, holding and cuddling him when I was not feeding him. Little man was sleepy, and we got several pictures taken and thankfully, it went well. The pups were also very curious, but very good around the baby, and have continued to be so.


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