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I am a Mommy Now, Part 2: The First Week at Home

on April 1, 2014

So Wednesday night the three of us came home, and we started trying to settle in for the night. Little man was starting to jaundice, and by the number he was doing on my boobs from wanting to feed and be comforted, I was glad the nurses gave us a binky. Hubby even ran out and bought more while we were in the hospital, as well as the same type of disposable diapers, because darn it, the little indicator stripe is pretty useful. Hubby had already submitted all the papers for little man to be an official person while we were in the hospital, which was convenient, since the Social Security office was apparently right across the street from the hospital.

Thursday as soon as we were able, we went to get little man registered with the insurance, and get hubby’s workplace stuff updated. I wasn’t feeling so hot, and getting in and out of the car, let alone getting up and down and around was a trying business. I ended up getting sick in the car (thank goodness for an ample supply of plastic bags), and hubby dropped me and little man off to rest while he ran some more errands. The mattress we ordered came in, and he also found a pill crusher for me, as well as bought me some applesauce and soda, to keep me perked up and not too miserable.

We entertained a few people at the house for a bit, and we tried to settle into a sleep routine at home. I seem to have spoiled little man by holding him while he sleeps, unswaddled, and trying to get him to sleep that way was proving difficult. We tried the pack and play, and we even purchased a co-sleeper, but he just seems happiest being held on my chest. Unfortunately, thanks to all the pain killers, I would konk out at the slightest quiet moment, even while nursing, which scared hubby a lot. He would keep jostling me awake, and I was grateful, but oh so tired.

I was also hallucinating, I think from the medications I was given, as I would be almost asleep and feel as though people were coming towards me. Maybe it was all the fuss from the hospital, but it was unnerving. Little man proved a decent sleeper though, and hubby and I were able to sleep here and there. We were grateful, and took every opportunity to get little man used to our life, so he wouldn’t be a shhh baby. We didn’t want to have to tiptoe around him. We also took him around for walks in the stroller, and to friend’s house, as well as shopping, since he needed exposure to life, and I needed the strength to heal. We had some concerns that little man wasn’t pooping, so we scheduled a Saturday appointment to get him checked out, and wouldn’t you know, a sponge bath got him pooping again.

Saturday night my mom came up to help us maintain the house and cook for us, staying the night. She was up early, taking out the trash, tidying here and there for us, making the house look nice and wonderful again. Then she and hubby went and got some groceries and patio furniture for the back yard, and we had a nice lunch when they got home. Then she started cooking us a nice dinner, leaving before the evening rains.

It was a good first week with little man.


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