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I am a Mommy Now, Part 1: The Hospital Stay

on March 25, 2014

I have been unable to post up until now, as I went in Monday morning the 10th for my last ultrasound, and little man was still breech, so we went to the hospital, and started prepping for little man’s arrival. I had stayed up the night before, packing and double checking everything we thought we would need, making sure the car was cleaned out, and trying to enjoy my last meals and sleep.

I was a nervous wreck before the surgery, and hungry and thirsty, but doing my best to be ready to meet my son. They had me dress down into a nursing hospital gown, insert an iv into my hand, and i got a courtesy trim where the incision would be. The nurse was wonderful, and while hubby was securing his time off, my parents were with me, while I waited for hubby, and then they waited while my son was brought into the world, where they watched him being checked in the nursery.

I had a spinal instead of an epidural, and I was scared, and I let the staff know, and they put some wonderfully calming drugs in me during the procedure, I was so zoned out I was barely able to register the emotions of hearing him cry. I did get sick several times though, something about feeling like my OB was playing make fen puke, but it was because my little man was breech. Little sprout also had the cord around his neck in breech, so that was likely the reason he was unable to turn.

Hubby brought me my little man for a moment, before they whisked him off to the nursery, hubby following to be near him, since he could not stay with me while I was put back together. My OB had two students who saw the ultrasound and also witnessed the surgery, so they got to learn quite a bit, and I didn’t mind. My Ob was amazing, and I was grateful. He squeezed my hand on the way out of the OR, and the nurses wheeled me off to recovery, where I spent the next 45 minutes trying to make my lower limbs move again, so I could see my baby.

I spent the few minutes they allowed me to to rest, and then I set out trying to regain muscle movement in my legs. Once I was able to, I held onto the jerky spasm motions, until I had control again. I was then brought into the room where i would stay, and my husband and family were there. They brought me my baby, and I was told he put on quite the show in the nursery, pulling at the sanitary pad beneath him, as well as the cords for the monitors. As soon as he was in my arms, he stopped screaming, and started looking for the food. I don’t think he would have settled for a bottle.

My parents left shortly after, and friends and came to visit, but hubby and I settled on a name for our little man pretty quickly. Little baby boy was now B.R.L., and we were happy. Little man quickly established that he was also a hold me baby, and wanted to spend as much time as possible next to his mommy and food supply. I was still on and off vomiting from everything, but as soon as they said I could have ice chips and then water, I was chugging water down. I was still stuck in bed, and a train wreck to look at, but the first night went pretty well. Hubby slept on the fold out sleeper with his pillows and blankets, and I slept in the hospital bed, cooing little one and feeding him every few hours. Hubby was learning how to change the icky meconium diapers, since I couldn’t get out of bed yet.

Tuesday saw me being pried out of bed by the nurses, after the OB came in to check on me. I was now taking pain medicine, and getting all kinds of other good stuff, including Heparin shots, a blood thinner, and let me tell you, they not only hurt, they bruised me pretty bad. I also had to get another rhogam shot, since I’m a negative blood type, and hubby and little man were both positive, odds are, the next baby will be positive also.

By Tuesday afternoon, little man got a snip in a private place, and I was up and walking around with great difficulty, as my feet were swollen and not a viable walking surface, and the pain from the incision and everything else was awful also. Hubby walked me around the floor of the hospital, encouraging me in my great pain to keep going. I quickly switched out of the gown for some more covering clothing, but the waist winch/girdle/support  made me look all kinds of lumpy and frumpy. I did manage to run a brush through my poor hair, and boy was it tangled from laying in the hospital bed. One of the nurses encouraged me to shower, but as soon as that binder came off, I was in misery. I was unable to do anything but wobble and cry. My sweet hubby sponged me down in the shower, and he and the nurse managed to somehow get me back in the bed to get my binder back on, and up the pain medicine. I was a train wreck again until the meds kicked in, but once they did, I felt a little better.

Wednesday was a day where I could go home if I wanted, or stay another day. I initially wanted to stay another day, but the awful shots in my arms made me rethink it, and also there was the birds at home who needed tending to. By the late afternoon, we had finalized our discharge papers, and were on our merry way. It was still rough going for me, and little man was upset about the car seat pressing on his sore manhood, but hubby managed to get us home, and we were happy to be there.


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