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Lots of Progress This Week

on February 28, 2014

So I have been a busy little bumble bee this past week, chugging through project after project with my still breech baby hanging out in there. The peep pillows got finished Monday before my sewing class, so I was able to bring them in to show everyone, and I was rather proud of myself for that. CAM01019

Tuesday I had some stuff to do online, so I was researching baby pictures, scrapbook layouts, and the like as I worked on the task at hand. As soon as I finished, I continued to work on my sewing projects that so continually eat up my time lately. Having a plan for some of the baby pictures helps, and I hope to be able to do most of them myself or with help from the family, since my friends are having hectic and conflicting schedules.

Wednesday I was running all the errands that needed running, from the oil change on the car to cashing a check and handling what we thought was going to be a bill, but was just a billing error. Yay! I had finished the second baby carrier on Tuesday, as a friend was moving a project into the garage, and even with going out to eat twice, I had finished the project in record time with only a few errors. that was nice. I then started on the crib skirt, having purchased the Velcro to attach it to the crib. I got the two small sides done, though I didn’t measure them the way I had originally wanted them, so there’s the middle section not box pleated, but just hanging out in the middle of the skirt for each side. Oh well. The fact that it all matches makes me happy. It was a late night doing that one, but it was worth it to me.CAM01022CAM01023

Thursday I had my doctors appointment, and we were hoping little man had flipped, but he had somehow settled himself higher. I have two more ultrasounds and the surgery date and time set in case he doesn’t. If i finish the last of the projects this weekend, I will hopefully be able to hang out upside down to get him to flip. I keep feeling his feet by my belly button when laying down, instead of on my bladder, so I am hoping we can get him flipped. Ive just been so flipping busy getting ready. After the appointment, I got some scrapbook paper to work on his baby book, and i snapped some picture ideas for putting it together from other baby books. I also finished the long side of the crib skirt when I got home, and was very proud of myself, as I had managed to do it in record time. I then measured and cut fabric out of a king size sheet we had purchased for the ceiling that turned out to be a fitted, and later I will be affixing the pieces to frames so we can hang the constellations. That made the night for me at that point. Hubby even vacuumed the house up for me, as me and my swollen feet are not having much fun.


Hubby was supposed to have a weird schedule for today, but it looks like he is coming home earlier than expected, so we can get more projects done hopefully. I just ordered all the stuff I think we will need for the baby from the registries, and counted my lucky stars that baby’s r us had a promo for 15% off the entire order, so I could save the registry coupons. Yay! Target was also able to save us 15% with the red card and registry coupon, so it was a good day there. Now I can focus on finishing up everything else that I can for the sprout, between the spray glueing the fabric I cut last night to the picture frame backings, to cutting and hopefully using the Dr Pepper stamps on the items I need to. Hubby was kind enough to move the mattress and box spring back onto the bed frame so we can attach the crib skirt velcro and then the skirt later on, and call that project a success. I was supposed to have some more bump pictures today, but that got sidelined again.. I may just end up doing some of my own at this point, as I am running out of time and energy for it all. I wish we could make and stick to a day and time, but oh well.

I will post more pictures as we get everything finished up. I have some backlogs on that, and I am sorry, but I rarely sit down for long enough on my computer to post these things, and I am doing my best. I hope everyone likes the pictures, and leaves me a comment.



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