one interesting life and adventure with my hubby

Chugging Right Along

on February 24, 2014

So I am 37 weeks pregnant this week, and it has been a roller coaster of emotions, since I still have a breech baby. He just doesnt seem to want to flip over, and the doctor has me scheduled for a c-section in the next few short weeks. Now, hubby and I are scrambling to get the last few things done before he gets here, pausing only when my emotions get the better of me. I really want to push out this little person, the way my body was designed to, he just doesn’t seem interested in that process in the slightest.

So we have been prepping our hospital bags, washing up clothes for him, his car seat covers, clothes for me and hubby, and trying to set things up as best we can, since he will be here before his due date. It has lead to me minor freaking out, since hubby also had dental surgery on Friday, and i had fully expected him to be out of commission. Thankfully, he is doing pretty well, even if the nurse managed to miss veins the size of an interstate. His coworker took him to the place for the surgery and back home, since I was not comfortable driving the distance or waiting in uncomfortable chairs this pregnant, while hubby is operated on.

We spent the afternoon after his surgery relaxing, having gone out to eat since we still don’t have running hot water, and then cruising a few stores before nap time took us. We napped long and hard, as the weather was dreary and perfect for cuddling and snoozing.

Saturday saw us up early from having slept so much, and we went and cruised a few stores and had lunch out, me getting some peep form cookware, so that i can make peep confections with the pillows, and maybe even jello shooters. Hubby liked that idea. I had another nap after that, and we went to a friend’s house, where we had a fire and relaxed for a bit before going home and back to bed. I wish I could say I could sleep at that point, but the sad truth is my anatomy decided to act up, causing me intense discomfort that kept me up and hurting, crying from exhaustion and aggravation. An ice pack and another remedy were employed for some short term result, just long enough to let me fall asleep. Hubby said we would get some medicine for one of the complaints so I didn’t suffer again the next night when he would have to try and sleep for work.

My parents came up yesterday, and they took us to the Lowe’s, where we picked up supplies to build hubby’s gun crate, but since he was a board short, it has stalemated for the time being. We also had needed to get a full size mattress, but the Walmart had somehow sold them since the last time we came through. We did get my medicine though, and my mom and I had a talk and a bitch fest, since my dad decided to buy lunch meat for us, when we had really been thinking of going out to eat. We appreciated the idea, but consulting us would have been the better option. He also decided to bitch because the alcohol doesn’t sell until noon thirty here, and he refused to get started until he had his beer… time wasted.

I refused to eat ham and swiss, and I had my mom take me out where we had McDonalds and cruised a store before dad called us complaining that he wanted to go home, since there wasn’t much more to do with the gun crate at this point, and the rain had been falling for a while. I did appreciate having my mom, and showing her what all we had accomplished, and she was proud of us. Dad… well, he shows it in his own little ways II guess.

Hubby even finished his schoolwork and all in a timely manner last night, and we got to enjoy another lovely evening together after I napped, since I had not slept well the night before, and hubby even joined me at one point, so we had another lovely snooze fest. We are really enjoying these little naps here and there, and I still managed to sleep well this past night, waking only to roll over and to use the bathroom.

Ive gotten quite a bit done today as well, some laundry is put away, our hospital bags are being packed up nicely, the car seat padding is clean and all put back together, and the pets seem to be doing well also. It feels like a good day.


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