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Been A Hectic Few Days

on February 19, 2014

The last few days have been interesting to say the least. Valentine’s Day saw me and hubby out and about, and we had a good relaxing evening after sharing a rack of ribs at one of the local restaurants.

Saturday we finished painting the furniture for the baby’s room, and set about trying to find hardware to fit the frame, as it did not come with the necessary hardware. Stinkers. It took a couple trips to Lowes, but now the bed is all put together, but it looks like the paint is going to rub off pretty quick. I am not very happy about that, but we will deal with it later. We also lost the functionality of our master bathroom commode, and we have been trying to fix that, as we are also still waiting for the insurance to come out for the plumbing. I had to wash the pups, and they got cold baths (me also), and they were not happy, but at least they got it during the warmest part of the day.

Sunday we went to see my parents and meet their new puppy, who thinks my swollen hands and feet were fun to chew on with her little needle puppy fangs. She has a lot of the isms of my dog Jake who passed away around the same time she was born, and the facial structure is also similar, even though she is a brindle, and he was tan with black points and white tips. Hubby tried to fix my dad’s computer, but it looks like they will need a newer one. We went back home, where he worked on his schoolwork, and we relaxed some more, as we had walked around quite a bit, and my poor feet were swollen and turning colors.

Monday we finished putting the bed frame together, after a few trips to Lowes, we got the right size and number of bolts to put the bed together, and we wiggled the mattress on top, only to find it was too big and we need a full size instead. We also wont need a box spring, as the bed is over chest high. I went to sewing class, and showed the shop owner the carrier I had made, and we watched a demo on dog bone neck pillows, and i got to chat with one of my friends for a bit, before meeting hubby and a friend at Walmart. I had hubby push me around in a wheelchair, as my feet were too swollen to do much walking, and we went home and relaxed after that.

Yesterday saw me slowly cleaning the house up, and trying to locate a phantom smell of dog pee. I cannot locate it, but I smell it and it is driving me crazy. I slowly vacuumed over by my sewing area and where the dog crates are, then through the living room, before cleaning the bird cage and tidying up there. The birdies got some fresh lettuce, and by that time, hubby was home. I had also received my cloth diapers, but one was missing, even though the tracking info clearly said it was in the shipment. Never mind the fact that the tracking number didn’t kick in until after the last day they were due, or that they were a week past that date, but missing to boot? I was not a happy camper. Hubby and I waddled around the stores again after that, had dinner, and I settled in to sew one of my peep pillows, and I again was met with frustration from my sewing machine. Not only was the machine bunny hopping stitches again, but the spool was also bouncing along. Hubby says he wants to buy me a new machine at this point. My first peep pillow was a bunny, and I ended up having to hand stitch where the stitches were skipped with the machine, and so it looks like frankenbunny to me. The peep pillow is proving a little easier and I will finish that later.

I started having some cramping, probably from Braxton-Hicks contractions, so I will be getting my bag ready for packing, and making sure I am ready for the hospital. I have an ultrasound tomorrow to see where the Sprout is situated, since he may be breech, and I may need a c-section, something I am not looking forward to or crazy about. Hubby also has dental surgery on Friday, so it will be a fun weekend. He wants to build a gun crate, and my parents will be coming up to help with that.

I am off to do some laundry and finish the peep pillow, and hopefully my sewing machine behaves now, as I have a few other things, like bump pictures to hopefully finish today as well.


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