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Setbacks, meet perserverance and success.

on February 13, 2014

As I may have mentioned in my last post, I had some obstacles with my sewing machine. Well, I tried again to sew with my machine on Monday, and after frustrating myself to the point of calling my husband and telling him I was going to chuck it through a window, he took me to the sewing shop, and Sara was able to sew normally with it, right off the bat. Go figure, but I came prepared, and showed her what the stitches looked like. I called them bunny hops, because it would be even one or two stitches, and then a big leap. Apparently, the car ride must have jostled it back into working properly, because I was able to finish one of the pieces in the shop before the demo started, and it hasn’t given any further issues. I also picked up some snap tape, double fold bias tape, and hook and loop tape to work on the carrier before I left.

The demo was on tea cozies, something I jokingly asked could be adapted to fit Keurigs, because I don’t know of many people who own pots or kettles anymore. The fabric does seem like it may lend itself to mug rugs, a project I may start as holiday gifts for everyone. They aren’t as elaborate or large as quilts, table runners, or even place mats, but they look like a fun little project to try, once all the other projects are finished.

Yesterday, I dropped hubby off at work, and set out to sew some more of the carrier, having the car seemed to scare the sewing machine into behaving, as I had told the shop owner that if I have any further problems, I’m going to go where the machine behaves, or someone can assist me in making it behave.

The sewing machine and I got along, and my mediocre skills at sewing seem to be improving more and more, as I was able to get quite a bit of the carrier done by this point, that I had not had the supplies to do so before. I made the hood for the rest, which  needed the bias tape and snap tape (I have experience applying snaps, and I chose the snap tape), and then making the headrest, which required the female ends of the snap tape and some of the velcro. I broke my first needle during that set of snaps, as I was too close to the snaps. Luckily, it was just the needle, and I had a supply of appropriate ones.

After that, I finished sewing the I panel for the carrier, stitching two separate seams to try and stop fraying, and attaching velcro, since the carrier will have a decorative, interchangeable panel. I then secured the body straps the the body panel of the carrier, stitching and restitching some more, to be hopefully sure it is secure. After that, I attached the headrest, and that part was probably the most frustrating. No matter how I pinned it, I had to rip some stitches and set it just so to make it all work. I was worn out by that point, and had sewn for more than 5 hours.

I was talking to one of my friends who moved to London, England, by that point, winding down and getting tired, ready for a nap, when I heard the plumbing gurgling. Uh oh. Investigation showed that our plumbing was not turned off, but I had not heard the machinery going over my machine running, and I called hubby, telling him we had no running water, but heard something going on nearby, possibly on the main road, or the side road, where our neighborhood is nestled. He called the water company, and they said there was work being done in our neighborhood, but on our street no less? Hubby and I had walked the pups Sunday night, and I thought someone had a busted sprinkler head, since there was water running down the road from their grass, but I guess that was where the main busted.

I was exhausted by this point, as I had not slept well the night before, and did go back to sleep as I sometimes do after dropping off hubby, and sure enough, he called me to get him a few minutes later. I am not sure how I got to his work safely, but I am thankful its a two mile drive to get him, and nothing was going on. He insisted on going out, since we didn’t have running water, and I reluctantly walked out of the house and back into the car.

He did take me out to eat, and let me shop for fabric, since I am hoping to make marshmallow Peep pillows, and with enough practice, may do a demo at the shop. I’m sorry Sara, I’m not feeling chevron patterns for my pillows. Maybe the demo pillow.

Hubby took me home after that, and we settled into the bedroom with the pups, as my feet were feeling funny on the glider. The feeling spread, not unlike having bugs under my skin, the creepy crawlies, and even though the water was running when we got back home, it was still yellow. Yuck. No shower that night, but the feeling started spreading throughout my body, and I ended up calling the doctor to see what I could do for some sleep, as I was beyond tired, but unable to sit still. Some benadryl was recommended, and after taking that and having hubby rub lotion where I can’t reach (back and poor feet), we settled in for bed.

Today, I have all but put the finishing details on the carrier, and that was because I slept in today. I got the I panel attached to the body, ripped stitches on the waist strap, since a previous tutorial had said sew the whole length, and this one had a gap left to sandwich the body in, and reinforced the spots where the stitches were ripped, and then the hemmed areas, since I wanted it to be neat. I tucked the body of the carrier into the opening of the waist strap, pinned it down, and zipped it through the machine, once straight across, another just below that, and then a zig zag stitch in between the two straight stitches, to be sure it was secure. There was not the room to make a box stitch like the tutorial, but i hope I left nothing to chance.

By the tutorial instructions, I could wear my carrier, but since she had a serger, or knew some trick I didn’t, my I panel’s unfinished edges were fraying and yucky, so I used some of the bias tape leftover to cover and protect the edges, kicking myself for not having done it before I attached it to the rest of the project. I caught fabric from other parts a couple times, but I was able to make it look less frayed after. Things to bear in mind when I make the second carrier soon. I tried the carrier on, and the cross body straps touch the ground, even when looped over my shoulders and crossed. I guess extra is better than too little, but the waist strap seems just fine. The baby belly is a good stretch, and not very accommodating to the carrier, which also seems huge, but oh well. Little man wont be tiny for long.

I was all set out to make the decorative panel when hubby got home, and he insisted I put the project down, so we could go out again. I was reluctant, so close to finishing his carrier, that he about used the stitch rippers to pry me off the dining room table I use as the sewing space. I called Sara, and told her that I had finished the carrier, and I would bring it in for her to see tomorrow. She also suggested someone who may be willing to try using it with her toddler on the next demo night. I am hoping to have the decorative panel finished before I go see her and go to the ob appointment tomorrow, so I guess I will be up sewing again after I drop off the hubby. I need to make or get him something for Valentine’s Day, our last one of the two of us, and since he got me the Jungle Book on blu-ray today as a gift. So sweet, I love him so.


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