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Getting Started

on February 8, 2014

Im starting this blog as a way to show everyone our not-so-traditional baby’s room (nursery seems cliche), since it cannot be bought in a store, and no one seems to have made a space themed baby’s room.

I am almost 35 weeks pregnant, and have been debating blogging since the get-go, but have hesitated. My husband and I had a planned pregnancy, and were setting money aside for our little sprout for the few months we were trying to get pregnant, and still have money moving into that account to pay for the frivolities of babydom. We are having a little boy, due in mid March, but the theme of the room was decidedly neutral as a space theme (my husband is a Trekkie and a bit of a Who-ligan), but the room theme was not anywhere online to be found for inspiration (seems odd in 2014, doesnt it?), so we have been making the room, and decorating it as we see fit, and safely.

The only furniture we had to outright buy for the baby’s room is a dresser and full bed set, and that was at a Habitat for Humanity resale store, for less than 200. We painted the wooden dresser blue (staining was proving too tedious and the weather too up and down), and with some fresh knobs, it is now sitting in the baby’s room. The bed frame will hopefully be painted and moved into the room this weekend. I miss my garage.

The baby’s room was already painted a nice aqua blue, so we instead decorated the ceiling, by stapling dark blue fabric with an organdy overlay fabric facing down, to simulate the night sky. Painting such a dark color seemed to court disaster, and we live with my husband’s job requiring some mobility, so the fabric is easy to take down. After the fabric was stapled, we secured a white ribbon border similar to crown molding to the walls, and tucked blue l.e.d. rope lights in the ribbon and stapled whole border around to simulate a force field. the drop down for the power cord was cased in plastic housing and runs down a corner over the dresser.

After the fabric was secured to the ceiling, I started making the constellations for the night sky on the leftover organdy material, but securing them to the fabric on the ceiling made the whole thing look unsightly, so we are instead going to frame them and put them on the walls, possibly under the force field.

We then set out to make planets to hang from the ceiling, and I spent a week painting styrafoam balls to planet likeness, and had to remake the rings for Saturn and Uranus, as styrafoam plates were unsightly. Cardboard rings worked out better, and the planets were all strung up across the night sky this evening. We also had some mini satellites like Sputnik from a Hobby Lobby kit that we strung up as well. There’s and Enterprise 1701-D, Tardis, and Borg cube also on display in the room.

I have been super nesty and anxious to get all this done, as I was hoping to have had the furniture all set up by now, and just spent time rearranging, but my husband has caught every bug at work, bogging him down when he gets home. We have made a great deal of progress playing catch up, and other than painting the bed frame, I have only to sew some things to the best of my ability, and shop for the items we did not receive from the baby shower, which is not much, thankfully.

I have included a few photos of the planets that were hung up, and you can also see where the ceiling was decorated with the fabric layers and the border. Let me know what you think!

with Sputnik

with Sputnik



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